Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ever just want to kill your spouse?  Maybe trade them in for a housekeeper/handyman? Someone who will just take orders and not question your judgement?

Today was like that.

This place is so far out that we get Hughesnet.  Not a wonderful service, but usually adequate for our needs.

I get the 20 gigs a month. We ran out of this month's allowance in 10 days.  I suspect (but don't know for sure) that the men in my life are streaming porno.  I call a family meeting and explain the situation.  We now face 20 days with next to no Internet.  I have a problem.  I'm taking online ALA classes for the next month.  Both my son and my husband deny doing anything more than reading fanfiction and comics.  "How about streaming music or radio broadcasts?" I ask.   "As it is, I pay for the Internet and I'm going to be shelling out $10.00 a day extra so I can do my class work."

My husband's reply "There are other sources of Internet available.  You can poach at the library." In my opinion, this over looks two things: 1) the library closes at 6 pm.  I get off work between 4:00 and 4:30 pm.  I need to get home in the light so I can care for my horses, which is why we are out in the middle of nowhere in the first place.  Driving 20 miles back to town so I can sit in my car in the dark while I poach the library's Internet just doesn't sit well.  I'm apt to fall asleep in my car while studying. That would be a nine day's wonder in our little town.  I can see the headlines "Middle School Librarian Found Sleeping In Her Car. Town Investigates Causes.  and 2) I PAY FOR THE INTERNET!

My suggestion was that no one but me be allowed to use the Internet connection for the next two months. Husband can go poach at the library.  Son offered to pay for the daily Internet that I would use to take my class.  That may fix the problem, but doesn't solve it.  I PAY FOR THE INTERNET; I should be able to use it when I get home.

On to other topic.  I just saw a firefly flashing his (or her) little heart out.  I've never seen one flying in October before.

The vet comes tomorrow to check on the mares.  They are eating well and seem to have calmed down considerably.  I've taken some cell phone photos of them.  I've just been too busy/tired to upload and blog about them.

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